Why Drink Lemon Water?

Recently, a friend caught me adding a plump lemon slice to my mug of hot water and taking a tiny sip. “Why do you do that? Does it actually do anything for you?” she inquired as I took another tiny sip. My drink was still pipping hot. I thought about her questions for a second and

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The Woman I Want to Be

This summer, I spent a lot of time speaking with (really kind) people in the fashion industry about their career paths and motivations. One woman suggested, that instead of focusing on exact roles and timelines, I ruminate on the woman I’d like to become. Maya Angelou’s words accurately capture my thoughts when I think about my future

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A Review: The True Cost Documentary

I’ve been planning to watch this documentary since the 2015 2-year anniversary of the tragedy that occurred at the Rana Plaza Factory in Bangladesh. Perhaps I procrastinated because I was afraid that watching the documentary would fundamentally change the way I shopped. Shopping for me was always about finding a “good deal”, a “unique design”, or the next “investment piece”

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Honeymoon in Morocco (Part 3)

After  exploring Marrakech, we ventured out to the coastal city of Essaouira by bus (Supratours). It was great to have the chance to sit and catch up on a book while watching the world go by. This part of the trip was strictly about relaxation. In Essaouira, we arranged to have a nice dinner in

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